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Translation process

The translation of a document is a complex task involving several stages which only an expert in translation can complete to a satisfactory standard.

Following the acceptance of a project, our documents undergo the following stages:

  • Reading: General reading of the full text.
  • Assessment: Assessment of the document with a view to establishing its characteristics and purpose.
  • Terminology: Identification of the potential translation issues (concepts that may not exist in the target language, polysemy, etc.), together with the terms that will require in-depth research.
  • Research: Detailed research of the subject matter and the correct terminology in the target language.
  • Draft translation: First draft of the translation.
  • Checking: Grammatical, syntactic and semantic check.
  • Proofreading: Step by step check of the translated document by means of comparison with the source text.
  • Formatting: Ensures the translation is delivered in the required format.






Draft translation






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