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Our rates will vary depending on the language combination, level of specialisation, word count and the timeframe required. We offer customised quotations to suit your specific needs.

Our rates are highly competitive within the field of professional translation services.


AZA Translation commits to deliver WITHOUT FAIL by the deadline agreed with the client.

Timescales may vary depending on the nature of the document to be translated or proofread, i.e. length, level of technicality and format. We will always endeavour to accommodate your delivery requirements.

If the translation is extensive and you require it as a matter of urgency, we will use a team of translators who will work closely with each other to ensure that your translated document is consistent and completed within the required timeframe.


YOU can request a quotation by:

  • Calling or faxing us on +34 952 118325, and we will explain the steps to follow.
  • E-mail, attaching the document to be translated and indicating your requirements.
  • Using our Quotation Request Form.

WE will send you a customised quotation including the following details:

  • Deadline
  • Format of delivery
  • Total price and terms of payment
  • Other details relevant to the project; ensuring that we have fully understood the finer detail of your requirements from the outset.

Prices and delivery dates appearing on our formal quotation will be final and will not change unless your requirements do. We commit to sending you a customised quotation within 24 hours of receiving your request.


Customised quotation

Competitive rates

Delivery by the agreed deadline

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